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My unique 11-step cleaning process!

detailed quotation on all cleaning before I start – what I quote is what you pay! Not one penny more!

2. Vacuum thoroughly including round the edges

3. Move all movable furniture

4. Pre-spot difficult spots & stains

5. Use special allergy control pre-cleaners

6. Clean with the latest high pressure “Hot Water Extraction” washing process. I only use safe
environment-friendly products

7. Residue rinse to retard re-soiling, leaving items fresher and healthier

8. Deodorise with special long lasting fragrances

9. Replace furniture using special protective coasters

10. Groom carpets to lay the nap for drying

11. RapidDri™ all items with my special process so most items are dry by the time I leave!

Finally I re-inspect all areas WITH YOU to make sure I have cleaned all areas that you had concerns with!

I developed this package for those of you who know you would benefit from more frequent cleaning, probably because you have a house full of kids and/ or pets, but are running to a budget.

Now don't get the idea that this is just some cheap type of brush-off cleaning. No, I only have one standard of cleaning- thorough, professional and exhaustive.

All my services are covered by my 100% money back guarantee.


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This package is designed for those people who really value their carpets and want to get the best out of their investment, and make them last as long as possible.

This is what you get:

My full unique 11-step cleaning process as described in my Full-Service Package!

Once the carpets and/or upholstery are fully cleaned, dried and inspected by YOU, I’ll move on to the next important stage…

I will apply a special anti-allergy and stain protector. This will work in three ways to keep your home looking great and staying healthy!

What is it? PROmite™ - works by covering each and every fibre with an invisible shield that prevents Dust Mites from living on/in the items protected (received approval by leading allergy foundation). This will help reduce the affects of asthma in the home.

Secondly, PROmite™ is a stain protector and stops all those little spills from becoming stains. Also stops general dirt from sticking to the fibres, thereby making easier to keep clean by vacuuming.

Thirdly, as PROmite™ covers the fibres in a special invisible shield it dramatically retards the wear rate keeping your furnishings beautiful for longer.

12Here’s some more benefits of PROmite™…

  • Prolongs your furnishings life
  • Not harmful, safe for pets & children
  • Restores ‘fluffiness’
  • Repels dirt instead of attracting it
  • Preserves factory applied finishes
  • Prevents allergy causing pollens from sticking
  • Prevents the growth of spores and mildew
  • Prevents the House Dust Mite from living on items
  • Helps keep pollutants out of your home
  • Helps prevent permanent staining
  • Helps you to keep your carpet cleaner for longer
  • Makes vacuuming easier
  • Keeps your family healthy


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Welcome to my perfect care maintenance programme. I have developed this programme to be the easiest, most cost-effective and hassle-free way for you to enjoy the cleanest, healthiest and fluffiest carpets all year round, year after year and at no more investment than your annual cleaning with me. This package is designed for those of you who want someone to keep your carpets looking their best all year round and be on call for specialist stain removal, as well as spreading the cost over the course of the year.

This is what you get:

One Full Thorough Clean, with Anti-Allergy & Stain Protector treatment, every twelve months.
A full deep-clean of your carpets or upholstery with my unique 11-step process to leave them cleaner, brighter and fluffier than ever before. Then a special anti-allergy control treatment and stain protector as described in my Healthy Home Package to keep your home healthier for your family. Best of all you can pay for this service in small monthly payments that will not break the bank!

Free ‘Highlight Cleaning’ between deep clean visits
To keep your carpets and upholstery looking great and staying healthy I revisit heavy used areas around your furnishing. With upholstery, we'll clean the hand and head areas.

In addition to this you get:

Free Spot Removal visits
Unlimited Free spot removal visits apply specifically to carpets and upholstery included in the programme.

Free Emergency Spot Remover
In an emergency you can take care of any small spots yourself – if you can’t get the stain out I’ll remove it myself for FREE!

Free Subscription To Our Monthly Newsletter
My monthly newsletter contains valuable information, stories and cleaning tips.

Membership To Our Client Referral Programme
(For every client you refer to us, that uses our services, I will reward you with a gift. The more new clients you refer to us, the more valuable each gift becomes).

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