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Every home has House Dust Mites. They only live where we spend a long time … and the place we spend most of our time is in bed at night! Your mattresses and pillows contain the largest amount of Dust Mites and their allergens!

Once you get out of bed they burrow deep inside the mattress or pillow and they can survive in the open air! They feed on our decaying skin flakes, as we all shed about two pounds of skin each year there’s plenty for them to eat!

Although it requires specialist cleaning and protection to eliminate dust-mites, you can help to control them by keeping your bedroom well ventilated with fresh air (they hate it) and control the dust by cleaning carpets and soft furnishings.

Wash pillows every 3 months, mattresses and carpets every 6 months! Contra to some people ideas your carpets help fight the battle against Dust Mites! They act as filters and filter the air in your rooms—and allow you to remove it safely by vacuuming.

Your vacuum cleaner will probably have an attachment designed for upholstery—use it! Soft furnishings such as upholstery, and curtains should be cleaned on a regular basis. Steampro not only clean and protect carpets, upholstery and curtains—we also clean mattresses—call us today on 0800 695 0495 for more information. Don’t compromise the safety and health of your family!

Warmth + Moisture + Skin = House Dust Mites

PROmite TM is a unique new product that is clinically tessted and proven to create an allergy-free home environment by safely removing the House Dust Mite from your mattress, carpets and upholstery. PROmite? a Patented product, unlike most methods – it actually removves the mite, not just the food source and protects your furnishings from soil and stains

Mattress Cleaners Surrey Croydon Sutton

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