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Stain Protection Benefits Of PROmite™
The UK government spent millions of pounds on reducing traffic pollution, but found Asthma is still affecting more and more children every year!

A treatment of PROmite™ on your soft furnishings will help you to dramatically reduce allergies in the home – however that’s not all.

PROmite™ is carried within one of the best Fluorochemical protection treatments available. This will give protection from most household soils and spills. The protection doesn’t stop at water-based spills like soft drinks, it will prevent oily stains from butter and mayonnaise. It will make your treated fabrics and carpets look newer and cleaner for longer.

Soil will not be able to stick to the fibres – thereby making it easier to vacuum dirt away and prevent damage to the fibre.

What Will PROmite™ Treat!

  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses
  • Curtains
  • Leather
  • Wall fabrics

PROmite™ treatment will not stop your item from becoming dirty, although it will prevent soil and spills from sticking to the fibres
thereby allowing regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the item looking newer and cleaner for longer.


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7 Facts About Allergies
The British Allergy Foundation has described Asthma as “the most common chronic childhood medical condition.” However, no one has ever found a ‘cure’ for Asthma. The number of Allergy Sufferers is growing dramatically in the UK. This has been blamed on hundreds of different reasons like pollution. If this was true why is there as many sufferers in the Highlands of Scotland as in the inner cities. 

It is our children that suffer the most. Exposure of children in early years of life to allergens increases their risk of developing

Establishing an allergy-friendly environment is the first step in avoiding common allergens and controlling allergies. Millions of
pounds are lost in production each year when people in offices become ‘ill’ with headaches tickly throat, runny nose and sore eyes etc… We have scientific proof that is not just Asthma, rhinitis and eczema that are caused by the faeces of the Dust Mite – allergies can start as simply as a tickly cough, runny nose and sore eyes etc…

Some people will tell you to remove your carpets and vacuum with a conventional (bag or cyclone) cleaning machine. This is not correct advice. To transform your life you first need professional advice, professional ‘deep’ cleaning and PROmite™ protection.

PROmite ™ is a unique new product that is clinically tested and proven to create an allergy-free home environment by safely removing the - House Dust Mite from your mattress, carpets and upholstery. PROmite™ a Patented product, unlike most methods – it actually removes the mite, not just the food source and protects your furnishings from soil and stains.

7 Benefits Of PROmite™
Here are just a few of the main benefits for you and your family when you have PROmite™ to protect your home.

1. Unique formulation, clinically tested and approved treatment to remove the House Dust Mite and free from biocicdes.

2. Totally non toxic and safe for your young children and your pets to play on … items can be used within hours of cleaning and

3. Independent test results show an almost immediate 100% success rate at eliminating house dust mites.

4. PROmite™ continues to stop mites from living in your mattresses, carpets or upholstery for up to 10-14 months – keeping your family

5. Free PROmite™ consumer awareness 24-message-line on 0800 695 0395 for free advice.

6. Independent ‘case studies’ show dramatic reduction of asthma and other allergy’s when used as an allergy control programme .

7. Works like a regular protector to prevent spills from becoming stains … keeping your furnishings looking good and staying healthy

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Just a few of the many Testimonial letters we receive from happy customers that have had their lives improved by using PROmite™
“Your treatment of my mattress and carpet has given me much relief during the night, so now my mornings start a lot better and I have no need to reach for my inhaler before my day begins”.
Yours trouble free at night Doreen Cowling

“Since the bedroom carpet and mattress was treated with your PROmite product about two months ago I have had no more attacks and my asthma seems improved. I was also concerned that the product you use might trigger an allergic reaction, but there were no side effects  that I noticed at all.”
Yours Sincerely H.J.Burkitt

“My sons Asthma has virtually disappeared, he has only used his inhaler 2 or 3 times and his Ventolin has stayed in the medicine cabinet  since treating our beds and carpets some 7 weeks ago.
For myself when I awoke for the first time after treating the bedroom I found that I could breath freely with no wheezing. I recommend PROmite without hesitation…”
Andrew Hough


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